2200 Clement St.
San Francisco, California 94121

Presented by The Bitter Show and 2010 SF Fringe Festival.

This official entry of the 2010 SF Fringe Festival is presented at the 90-year-old 4 Star Movie Theatre in SF's Richmond District with live action, recorded action, live action playing off of recorded material, and audience particiption. See alien Olymipians! True Americans! Inter-galactic hip-hop sensation Uranus P! Terrible Sci-fi movies! And clones, clones, clones!

Pluto was a planet, now he’s a has-been ice chunk. Out of bitterness, he's kidnaps NPR's Terry Gross. Little did he know, NPR spends its extra money on space exploration. NPR sends Captain, Princess, and Psycho off on their spaceship, the Castle of Carl, on an epic quest across the solar system to rescue her!

Watch the trailer here:


4-Star Theatre was originally named La Bonita when it was first established in 1919. La Bonita was re-named the "Star Theater" in 1926. The original owner, Mrs. Fraiser, passed away in 1945, and the theater was sold. The new owners then re-named it the 4-Star Theater in February of 1946. Today 4-Star is independently owned by Lee Neighborhood Theatres, a family tradition since 1964.


The Bitter Show is a super-group filled with former members of '90s SF sketch groups Please Leave the Bronx and Fresh Robots, plus one Devil-Ette and an actual actor, Stefin Collins. They have performed at the 2008 SF Fringe with their play, "Monster in a Well."

Starring: Melinda Bailey, Dave Chambers, Stefin Collins, Mike Spiegelman, and Jody Handley as Pluto. With Colin Mahan and Dave McKew. The role of Ludwig Von Shirtingham to be announced during performance.

Musical Direction: Christine Mclintock.

Written, Produced and Directed by: The Bitter Show.


Added by Mike Spiegelman on September 2, 2010