Cnr Church and Bolton Street
Newcastle, New South Wales 2296

A social get together for all web industry professionals and amateurs to discuss all things web over a beer, gin, coffee or whatever you prefer.

This is the first Bits & Pixels meet up so the format is completely open and free. Come along and spread the word.

Added by leevigraham on May 28, 2007


Wayde Christie

And what time is thing on exactly? Midnight Saturday?


That would be 12AM Saturday, ie, 1 minute after 11:59 PM Friday, So I guess we go on Friday night and it will start at midnight.


Is there any chance we could make it earlier than midnight. I need my beauty sleep.

Nathan Kelly

Hi, I'll sign up as a "tentative I'll be there", I can't plan that far ahead... But I'm interested in expanding my contact base in the region so it sounds like it will be a good chance to get to know more like minded web professionals.

I'll have to wait a week or two to confirm.



Yeh, details are sketchy...well, at least the time.
I'm interested and slightly impressed there might be enough interested folks!

I'm into useability and work in adult education and training, lots via distance so use web conferencing and other tools to communicate with students.


This sounds great! I've been keen to meet up with some local web people for a while now.

Doubt I'll be able to make it at that time though (2 young kids tend to mean that's when I get to sleep) - now I'm starting to sound old!


Wayde Christie

Great to see some interest - thanks Peter!

A bit more info can be found here:

I'll hassle Leevi to flesh out this page though (when I can get hold of him).


yeh, and we need to be sure of the time....a typo yes? I doubt its a perpetuation of the 'geeks as night owls' stereotype...
and hey, I don't have the kids excuse, just the age part!


Sounds good. I'll try to get out there.


Good to see there has been some interest in this! It also seems Waydo has been living out his dream as an event promoter.

To clarify a couple of points I was thinking we could make this a lunchtime / afternoon meet up which has no real end time. Just a casual get together over a couple of beers with no solid structure. The meet up not follow a stand up and present format with the exception of a brief welcome and some introductions.


As I said to Wayde, this is always my busiest month of the year (Govt clients always need something done around now) and that date is the EOFY so I'll plan to be there but we'll see how the month pans out.

I'd love the opportunity to talk (to anyone interested) about WSG, WIPA and other related topics including the possibility of workshops and training sessions that we may be able to facilitate in the region.

Thanks Wayde and Leevi for stepping up!



hiya, just got forwarded this event - sounds great. I'm originally from newy but now live/work in sydney. If the event ends up being on a friday night or on a weekend I'd be keen to try and come up. sat arvo beer sounds perfect. look forward to it :)

Pete O


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@Pete: Look forward to seeing you there. I'm guessing the meet ups will always be on a weekend as they suit more people.


@wikipedant (Andrew): Thanks for the input!


Anytime :-)

Nathan Kelly

I'll be there.

Nathan Kelly

Change of plans, I have too much to do on Saturday now, and it's my birthday on Sunday so I've been re booked for a party on Saturday afternoon.

Maybe I can make it to the next one.


@Nathan: The plan is to have a meeting once a month so there should be plenty more.


Our first meetup is tomorrow and to celebrate I have created a Flickr group for any photos taken on the day. Its open to the public and can be found at:


Sorry I couldn't make it. A nasty dose of the flu rendered me bed-bound for most of the weekend.

I trust everyone had a good time, and hope I can make it to the next one!


Thanks to everyone who showed up. It was a great day with some interesting conversation shared by all.

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