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London, England W12

The International Chiptune Resistance World Tour 2006:

BIT SHIFTER (New York City)
Bit Shifter explores high-energy, low-bit music composed and performed on the Nintendo Game Boy, in service of a sound both beat-heavy and melodic. The result is a subversive foray into a distinctive soundset, all executed on a console misperceived as being technically limited. Tagged by Rolling Stone as a "Game Boy hero," Bit Shifter released his debut CD Life's A Bit Shifter (555 Recordings) in 2004 to wide acclaim, with a more recent follow-up in the Information Chase EP (8bitpeoples). Bit Shifter's music adopts an innocently familiar soundset, redirecting it into the service of novel and visceral new idioms, all on a pocket-sized console. The result: giant sounds from small machines.

NULLSLEEP (New York City)
Nullsleep performs using Game Boys and NES consoles to create conceptually unique music that blends subversive hardware hacking with powerful melodic pop. His constant push for new ways to force the most out of yesterday's machines and the unparalleled romantic chiptune intensity he brings to the stage have gained him notice everywhere from Wired to Vogue. Whether thrashing away on a keyboard hooked up to a Game Boy like an electric guitar or rocking hacked NES cartridges, Nullsleep consistently demonstrates his passion for pushing the limits of both the hardware and the heart.

Official Website: http://resist.8bitpeoples.com/

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