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Update: I made a reservation for 12 (we have 10 people confirmed) for 7:30pm at Sanppo, which is at 1702 Post in Japantown. Sushi!

So G. and I didn't get a joint birthday shindig together in time due to work, death in the family, food poisoning, so much going on.

Sunday's my 31st birthday! Let's just get dinner if you're able after WonderCon or whatever you're doing wraps up. Say 7:30? I'm thinking either Japantown or Richmond or Mission in the 20ths/30ths. Somewhere where a group of folks can drop in. I want to get a headcount first, though. Who's in? And then maybe G. and I can do something larger later.

Added by jaschu on February 9, 2006



Happy birthday, man! I'm in pending I dont need a license to get in anywhere.... :)


There will be a non-bar start, for sure. Can't guarantee the ending. If anything else I'll concoct a sob story for any bouncer and use my birthday influence to try and get you in. :)


Hmm! Maybe part 2 could be that Nooraebang (sp?) place in Japantown? I don't think they card.


lamia never needs card ;)


My fellow Aquarius, my favorite Chicago Bear... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am definitely coming to whatever it is you have planned but might be late for whatever it is... I have to pick Matt up from the airport.

If there is a later, nix weekend of Feb 24-26... I have a systems migration and have to work that weekend. BOO! :(


The hypothetical "later" would have to be March or later, given all the craziness in February. :)


attending + 1


Some possibilities currently being considered:
* My friend Nik suggested Pizza Orgasmica in the Richmond.
* A couple years ago we went to Pad Thai in the Mission.


More likely possibility: Somewhere in/near Japantown Center (Sanppo sushi seems like a good choice) then up the street to nooraebang (which for those that don't know is karaoke but in a private room).


Happy Bday! Sorry we cant make it, still trying to recover from the flu... = Chris Heuer


Aw, man, drag. Hope you feel better, Chris!


Definitely feeling too sick here to attend also, but have a good time.