4 Temple Row West
Birmingham, England B25NY

Karen & Marty Pauley (of Belfast.pm) are coming over for a visit, so we've arranged an extra special social meeting to entertain them at our usual haunt of The Old Joint Stock. Jesse Vincent (of RT fame) may be along too, if he isn't too jet lagged and can get back to Loughborough on the night. Also Piers Cawley (infamous London.pm'er) has also expressed curiousity in coming along. Several Birmingham.pm'ers will be there too, so feel free to join us.

Added by barbie on July 15, 2005



The Birmingham.pm Conference Organisers will be there from about 7.30pm, but others will be there from 6.30pm onwards. Ask at the bar and mention you're with Birmingham Perl Mongers, and they'll either direct you to some reserved tables in the Club Room or to the table on the Mezzanine.

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