70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Galapagos Art Space resident Artist Katja Loher has created 'Videotellurium', a grand, human-scale sculptural representation of a solar system, to be installed in March, in Beijing, China. 'Videotellerium' is made from weather balloon "Videoplanets" and their orbiting video projectors that suggest satellites or moons. The "Videoplanets" and their moons orbit a sun located in the center of the room, at different speeds and in different directions. The night presents Soari Tsukada's choreography: 'living sculptures!' featuring the costumes for Katja's new movie-project designed by the two emerging Japanese fashion designers, Norico Matsuzaki & Yasuda Nozomi with live music by Asako Fujimoto.

Added by Upcoming Robot on February 1, 2009