16 Narrow Quay
Bristol, England BS1 4QA

From the phenomenal Touch label (Fennesz, Ryoji Ikeda), an evening of deep listening from three artists who harness nature through technology.

Operating from his base in Tromso, 400 miles north of the Arctic circle, Biosphere has created a wealth of techno, ambient and soundscaped albums over the past two decades. Widely regarded as one of Norwegian electronic music's most important artists, his feel for texture and place is remarkable.

Storm' is a collaborative project between sound recordists Chris Watson (UK) and BJNilsen (Sweden). Stationed on their respective coastlines, they have captured the development of storm fronts across the North Sea and Scandinavia. Using 5.1 surround sound, the performance recreates the rhythms and music created when the elements combine over land and sea, from the gaping mouth of a sea cave below Tarbet Gulley to heavy winds and icy rain over Gotland.

Added by Andy Channelle on October 24, 2007