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Biomimicry is the practice of developing sustainable technologies inspired by ideas from Nature. While humans have a long way to go towards living sustainably on this planet, millions of species–each with nearly 4 billion years of field testing–contain technological ideas to help us succeed in our all-important quest to become a sustainable species on a biodiverse planet.

This specialized course is designed for professionals and students in various design fields including architecture, engineering, landscape, interior design, and industrial design interested in applying biomimicry to their work. Learn to approach the world of solutions inspired by nature to help your company create sustainable, innovative, and life-friendly products and processes.

With a new perspective of the natural world, you will be able to introduce the Biomimicry methodology into your design process, enhancing the creativity of your entire team!

Course Topics:

* Case Studies in Bio-Inspired Design
* History, Philosophy and Ethics of Biomimicry
* Practical Application of Biomimicry as a Design Tool
* Biological and Ecological Principles Relevant to Design
* Applications of Biological Function to Engineering Challenges
* Ecological Performance Standards in Architectural Design
* Sustainability Challenges in Industry and Potential Bio-Inspired Solutions

2.0 Continuing Education Units (CEUs, 20 hours of study)

Registration: Early bird $995 before August 15, 2008, $1,195 thereafter/All inclusive
(This course fee includes accommodations (double occupancy) at one of the three lodges on Wenatchee River, 20 minutes West of Leavenworth, breakfast/lunch/dinner, and transportation from Seattle and back. We will be leaving Seattle in the evening of Sept. 8th and coming back in the afternoon of Sept. 12).
You will also receive a copy of Janine Benyus' book "Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature"

This course is strictly limited to 15 people, early registration is strongly recommended! You may register online or by calling the Northwest Environmental Training Center at 206-762-1976. If you require more time for payment please don't hesitate to call us. Contact Renata Sobol with any additional questions.
Registration and Cancellation Policy: All registrations cancelled before 5 P.M. on August 15, 2008 are 100% refundable. All cancellations occurring between August 15, 2008 and September 8, 2008 are non-refundable. Registrations may occur up to 3 days prior to the course provided that space is available. Maximum number of attendees is limited to 15. Course registration fees and cancellation policy are subject to change without notice.

Looking at Nature as Model, Measure, and Mentor
If we want to consciously emulate nature's genius, we need to look at nature differently. In biomimicry, we look at nature as model, measure, and mentor.

Nature as model: Biomimicry is a new science that studies nature’s models and then emulates these forms, process, systems, and strategies to solve human problems – sustainably. The Biomimicry Guild and its collaborators have developed a practical design tool, called the Biomimicry Design Spiral, for using nature as a model.

Nature as measure: Biomimicry uses an ecological standard to judge the sustainability of our innovations. After 3.8 billion years of evolution, nature has learned what works and what lasts. Nature as measure is captured in Life's Principles and is embedded in the evaluation step of the Biomimicry Design Spiral.

Nature as mentor: Biomimicry is a new way of viewing and valuing nature. It introduces an era based not on what we can extract from the natural world, but what we can learn from it. Biologists who are uniquely adept at combing through nature's R&D labs and translating nature’s strategies into strategies that effectively meet your company’s challenges.

Official Website: http://www.nwetc.org/sust-701_09-08_leavenworth.htm

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