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Join BIMA’s expert panellists debate about how mobile operators continue to have a walled garden. Is there potential disruption of the apple iPhone as an apple walled garden experience? What attitudes surround consuming operator content versus premium content providers versus portals provided by the manufacturers themselves? What is the impact of premium content consumption on operator branded handsets versus vanilla handsets?

Even though there are opportunities for advertisers to subsidise content why is it not mainstream? Are there threats to premium content providers playing alongside operators with triple play and quad play offerings - sharing and consuming content over integrated web and mobile offerings? What will the impact on broadcasters entering the mobile space really look like?
Come join us in a debate with panellists:

Steve Wolak, Web Technologies Manager, Vodafone Group R&D – UK
Andrew McGrath, Director, Design and Usability, Orange Group
Markus Berger-de León, CEO, Jamba

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Added by Paul Walsh on February 13, 2007