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This is not the Bingo your grand parents played that's for sure...It's a blast!

Bing and Penelope Wheeler Present Big Wheel Bingo!

The appearance of big celebrities on TV talk shows like David Letterman and Conan O'Brian have helped to get millions of viewers into movie theaters, book stores, and music stores; and has helped to strengthen many a celebrity's career. The promotion is priceless. At Big Wheel Bingo, we are thinking along the same lines, but on a slightly smaller scale. Big Wheel Bingo promotes the talents of local celebrities and their current and upcoming projects. Traditional games of Bingo are mixed with the classic glitz of a game show and tons of theatrics, showcasing a very broad range of performers.
Our past celebrity wheel spinners have ranged from dancers, singers,actors, filmmakers, musicians, performance artists, clothing designers, to poets. In the future we hope to showcase, as well, visual artists, giganto Hollywood celebrities, and just plain and charismatic, "ordinary" folk. The wide range of talent makes each and every show completely unique and is the reason Big Wheel Bingo is surviving the test of time.

$15 cover includes playing cards and FUN!

Added by The Swedish Housewife on April 2, 2006