119 Utah Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Big Smile and Eggs Present

w/ The Detroit Grand Pubahs

Friday October 6th
Mighty: 119 Utah st at 15th st
$8 presale tickets available at www.mighty119.com

Big Smile and Eggs are getting ghetto on ya yet again with another installment of the increasingly popular Get:OH! Coming to Mighty straight from Mars, (also known as Detroit,) Paris the Black Fu & The Detroit Grand Pubahs are gonna make you "Shake that big Onion!"

The story of the Detroit Grand Pubahs is a story about fun, funk and forked personalities. Originally founded by Paris The Black Fu and Andy Toth in Detroit back in 1998 today's Pubahs consist of Paris and his alter egos. Paris the Black Fu aka Offbeat Killer, aka Nurse Hearse, aka Percy Slade, aka the Schizophrenic Brainchild of Funkno started DJing around the age of 16 inspired by Detroit radio legends The Electrifying Mojo and The Wizard (Jeff Mills). As one half of Heckle & Jeckle (w/ Jon Williams), he played regularly at the Po' Boys parties in Detroit.

With so many memorable hits released on Steve Bug's label, Pokerflat, Godfather's Databass, Jive Electro and others, their stomping electro- cartoon-sexy-tech has seen the top 20 of the Billboard Charts and the top of the UK Dance Charts. "Sandwiches," has found its way onto every DJ chart around the world, staying in the most vital of crates, waiting for the magic moment those two drunk girls go up to that drunk guy and "make dancefloor sandwiches."

"Out here on the dance floor/we can make sandwiches/you can be the bun and I can be the burger, girl/out here on the dance floor/yeah, we can make sandwiches...." —Detroit Grand Pubahs, "Sandwiches"
You see, Detroit Grand Pubahs are trying to make you a little more comfortable. Paris the Black Fu on the mic and the mysterious Mr. O on the decks lead you through your booty shaking process every step of the way. Surely, during "One Hump or Two" he'll tell you how to move your pants, or perhaps skirt. He'll tell you to get real low and then perhaps even get down on the flo'. His lunatic world of odd characters and even more odd sex practices and his forked personalities (Dr. Bootygrabber, Plasticene Gene) are sure to take form on Mighty's stage.

If you're still not recovered from ALL THAT BOOTY BOUNCIN from Godfather, Funk and Assault, you'd best be going to the gym in preparation. Stretch first!!!
Ghetto tech support in the main room by Jefrodisiac, Safety Scissors, Qzen. Peeplay, Jason Kendig, and Oonceoonce do it in the back of Dr. Bootygrabber's waiting room.

For some evidence of their existence and their abilities to rock you, please visit this link for a quicktime experience:


Official Website: http://www.mighty119.com

Added by oonceoonce on September 13, 2006



wtg matthew!! can't wait


all i can think about is singin' to the bumpin' they'll be bringin.


I resisted at first but this one looks too funky to miss.