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Big Noyd (born TaJuan Perry on May 7, 1975) is a rapper from Queensbridge, New York City. He is closely affiliated with Mobb Deep, and he is featured on all of their first 7 releases. Big Noyd was first introduced with his verse on "Stomp 'Em Out" from Mobb Deep's 1993 debut "Juvenile Hell," but it was first in 1995, on Mobb Deep's album, "The Infamous," that Big Noyd attracted wider attention.

For Infamous Mobb, being affiliated with Queensbridge duo, Mobb Deep, is both a gift and a curse. On one hand there is the built in loyal fan-base who crave the grimy street tales made popular by Queensbridge emcees. But on the other hand, there is the constant confusion among fans and media alike. Is Infamous Mobb and Mobb Deep one and the same?

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