Hapuna Beach Rd
Kamuela, Hawaii 96743

Flickr members are gathering on the Big Island!

Hapuna Beach State Park is considered to be one of the best beaches in all the world.

Family units are welcome.

Added by Bill Adams on January 30, 2008


Bill Adams

Unfortunately, I've come down with the Hong Kong flu, or something, which has taken me off-line for most of this week. I hope to be able to make it Sunday, but if Sunday were to be tomorrow, I most certainly would not be able to attend.

I suggest everyone meet at the main entrance area of Hapuna Beach State Park. This is where the snack shop and restrooms are located, which are separate buildings in close proximity to each other.

There are a number of picnic tables in this area. Whoever gets there first should snag one, then keep an eye open for others who straggle in.

If a picnic table is not available in this upper area, there are others available below, towards the beach.

I suggest sharing cell phone numbers. Most of the attendees have mine, but there's a only a slight chance I'll be able to attend, based on how I feel at this particular moment.

At the very least, Jon and Jamie, message Nimai or Susie or Joe or Kara with your cell phone number, since y'all will probably be among the first to arrive.