Legoland Windsor
Windsor, England SL4 4AY

All geeks like Lego, right? Well, for the second Big Geek Day Out, we're traveling out to Windsor to go to Legoland!

At present, no-one that I know has said on Upcoming that they're doing anything on Sunday 12th October, so hopefully we'll be able to get a few of you together for the day.

As with the first Big Geek Day Out, this is an "unorganised event". All I do as the organiser is say what day the outing is happening and at what time we should meet at the park. The rest of you sort out buying your tickets, getting there, etc. has details about how to get to the park by various types of transportation.

Tickets cost £35 on the gates, but various supermarkets and other places have been giving out buy one get one free tickets over the summer.

So, who's coming? Anyone and everyone is welcome, and it's sure to be a fun day.

Added by NeilCrosby on September 21, 2008



There are 2 for 1 ticket coupons on the 2 liter bottles of Dr. Pepper, Fanta, etc. They are the ones with the "Party Potions" Halloween label.


Matt and I got a coupon from Sainsbury for the 2 for 1 too. It was so fun :D