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This year, the Month of Design Conference offers a venue for interdisciplinary dialogue on the role of design in the contemporary world, focusing on the experience as a body/object, as a place and as a concept/mind. What is it that we experience when we long for & use something - at work, play, when shopping, communicating, eating, driving … and what is it that they are trying to sell to us when we are looking for new experiences?

Design Conference tackles the issues of design and experience at three levels:

Designing bodies - How are objects and their users created through design?
Designing space - How do real and virtual spaces intertwine?
Designing mind - How do images enter our minds and become needs?

The Design Conference 2008 will feature a pool of design professionals, managers and internationally renowned lecturers, who will discuss the ways of manoeuvring through the world of experience shocks. Ljubljana looks forward to hosting designers, fashion editors, theorists of desire, agents of consumerism, creators of web platforms, web designers, architects, interior designers, marketing gurus and consumer rights activists.


THE EXPERIENCE OF DESIGN: FROM LOW TO HIGH, Nicolas Minvielle, France; STREMAS, Ignacio Germade, Motorola, Great Britain / India; HUMAN NATURE, Victor Gerardo Martinez, VGM design, Mexico; HOW TO CREATE A STRONG CONCEPT?, Valerie Nomain, Chocolate, France / China; SILENT DESIGN, Frans Joziasse, Park, Germany; THE CITY CENTRE EXPERIENCE, David Charles Cash, Building design Partnership, Great Britain; EMERGENT TRANSPARENCY DEFINED THROUGH EXPERIENCE, Enrique Limon, Limonlab, USA; ENRICHING EXPERIENCE THROUGH STRATEGIC DESIGN, Kim Aalto, Mozo, Finland; David Carlson, Sweden; ARE YOU BEING SERVED? Richard Eisermann and Anja Klüver, Prospect, Great Britain; THE SPEED OF INNOVATION AND ITS IMPACT ON CREATIVE PROCESSES, Frederik Andersen, Goodmorning technology, Danmark; WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE, WHEN CHANGE IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS CONSTANT, Christoph Böninger, Auerberg Design, Germany; Kunle Adeyemi, OMA, Nederlands; THE EXPERIENCE OF DESIGN: FROM LOW TO HIGH, Allan Chochinov, Core77, USA; EXPERIENCE OF THE FUTURE, Anthony LoGrande, Fitch, USA;


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