Brooklyn Ave & St. Marks
Brooklyn, New York

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
Beginning at 7:00 PM
Brower Park

Back in the late ?80s?considered by many to be rap?s Golden Age?Big Daddy Kane was the king of livin? large. A prophet of "bling" when P. Diddy was still driving around in a Chrysler ?K? Car, Big Daddy Kane appeared on his album covers festooned with gold chains, sipping champagne and surrounded by scantily clad females. But Kane was also a brilliant rapper and a deep Afrocentric thinker, raised on the early b-boy rhyming battles and seeped in the philosophy of the Nation Of Islam. This enticing mix of sex appeal and social concern made him a massive hip-hop star and a huge influence on hip-hop ?playas? to this day. Kane will certainly be kicking it old school for his Brooklyn performance, and longtime fans can expect scorching renditions of classics like ?Raw? and ?Ain?t No Half-Steppin?.?

Though a relative newcomer to the hip-hop mix tape scene, J. Period has already racked-up a career?s worth of accolades. He was named ?Mixtape DJ Rookie of the Year? by Elemental Magazine in 2003; he won the New York Regional Title in the ?Free up Your Mix? National DJ Competition; and his mix tapes have regularly been singled out in The Source magazine and on MTV. He?s collaborated with Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Andre 3000 from Outkast, De La Soul, Grandmaster Flash, Russell Simmons' Def Poets, and others. He even provided the mix at P.Diddy?s legendary "White Party."

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