361 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Boston's Big D and The Kids Table debuted their fast paced style of ska-punk in 1995. But, like most ska bands, the line-up revolved between their 1997 debut, 'Live,' EP and their 1998 split with Drexel. They released 'Good Luck' in 2000. Whole Wheat Bread is from Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida. Like their forefathers Bad Brains, WWB is doing their part to redefine punk for a whole new generation. Their sound is influenced by both punk (i.e. Rancid) and crunk (i.e. Lil Jon).

BoySkout's songs range from tight dark pop ditties, rock and roll goes dancing, to synth-driven ballads and eerily compelling tales of self-expression.

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