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The biggest, the baddest, the bestest!
Featuring: Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit + The Brothers Comatose +
Misisipi Rider + The Bootcuts

Take two prolific, folk-Americana singer-songwriters, a seasoned, indie-rock veteran of a drummer (see Grandaddy), add in some country-born and heavy-metal-bred supporting talent and throw on a few suits, and what do you get: the rough-hewn yet driftwood-smooth, punk-kind-of-country, good-kind-of-raw of The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit. Likened to anything from Old Crow Medicine Show and The Avett Brothers, Bob Wills and even Neil Young (depending on which live set you happen to catch) they most often defy categorization. They describe their efforts as trying to make good, honest music, that’s not afraid of a little fun, that people will move their feet to, and that also goes real well with a straight road and a long drive.
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With deep roots in late night jam sessions in living rooms, on porches and street corners, The Brothers Comatose are now making BIG music (live and on CD) and playing BIG (ass hillbilly) shows in BIG venues. For well over a decade, Gio (vocals, standup bass), Joe (mandolin, swords) and brothers Alex (vocals, banjo, lead guitar, beard) and Ben (vocals, guitar, foot tambourine), have been passionately delivering the music they love for friends, fans, and anyone who happens to be within earshot. With the addition of Philip on fiddle, The Brothers Comatose have rounded out their string band lineup that brings a Comatose twist to traditional American musical styling. You won't be sitting in your seats twiddling your thumbs when the Brothers take the stage. They'll draw you in and get you stomping, drumming, hooting and hollering for more.
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The return of San Francisco's own super-group of red-hot pickers, singers, preachers, wood carvers, doll makers, whiskey drinkers, and dance hall girls. Born on the banks of the Mississippi River, brothers Misisipi Mike and Cree Rider came into bluegrass and Americana music through their stepfather and legendary banjo master John Hartford. As young boys they toured up and down the Mississippi River on a steamboat, not as musicians, as one would think, but swabbing it's deck and posing naked for infamous cartoonist R Crumb.
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Fun lovin', foot-stompin', honky-tonkin', twang-buster of a band! This classic country 8 piece band (3 female lead singers with 5 guys as the back up band) take their listeners on a journey though time, to way back when, when country music was just called "music".
Be sure to pick up your very own copy of "In The Comfort Of Your Own Home"...it will change your life.

Official Website: http://www.shelbyashpresents.net/bigAss/bigAss.html

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