97 Montrose Ave. #1
Brooklyn, New York 11206

Last Call at the Starliner Lounge

In a world where there are no more good guys and corruption is merely a way of life, one woman takes a stand.

The name is Softy Malone, private dick.

And in hidden shadows of crime ridden alleys nestled in Far Rockaway, just one good dick can make all the difference.

Here, at the Starliner Lounge, home to the City's most notorious criminals, she must ultimately face more than just bullets and broads with brass balls. In this river of cess, this den of iniquity, she'll have to confront herself and her past if she wants to live to fight another day.


Tell them "Al" sent you.

Added by a3ulafia on December 5, 2005



starts at 9:30pm