466 Columbus Ave between 82nd St & 83rd St
New York, New York 10024

Enjoy a, delicious vegetarian brunch with a delightful group of bi & bi-friendly women.
Make new friends!

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Bi Women of All Colors is a social & discussion group for bi, bisexual, bi-curious or questioning women (including transgender bi women) also welcoming bi-friendly women who identify as lesbian, SGL (same-gender-loving), heteroflexible or straight. We welcome women from all cultures, ages, sizes and diversities. We organize monthly brunches and dinners of a variety of cuisines and provide a non-judgmental safe space for women to exchange, share, eat and discuss interesting, exciting, as well as thought-provoking topics that will keep you in the know, on the go, and just so intrigued. So with that, come join us, and have yourself a good time. "You'll be glad that you did.”

Official Website: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BiWomenofAllColors/

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