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Over the past decade Business Intelligence has proven to provide competitive advantage to high-performing enterprises. Some notable examples of market leaders that strategically embraced and leveraged the power of Business Intelligence include Capital One, Wall Mart, Amazon and Goldman Sachs. These organizations have developed competitive strategies around data-driven insights that in turn generate impressive business results. This approach allows companies to develop tools to innovate and optimize supply chain processes, identify profitable customers and products.

However, traditional Business Intelligence products and technologies have been extremely expensive, difficult to implement, and require extensive support staffs. The technology landscape is changing dramatically and several industry leading solutions are now available that can push decision making down the organization chain and "break the tyranny" of the Database Administrator's hold

To maximize the benefits of Business Intelligence technology, forward thinking organizations and leaders have been looking for ways to push usage of BI and intelligent decision making down the organizational chain.

By using practical examples from two innovative products - QlikView and RoamBI, the presentation will highlight how organizations were able to effectively leverage innovative Business Intelligence technology to gain competitive business advantage by understanding relationships often buried in large volumes of data.

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