Trafalgar Square
London, England WC2n

A unique London Film Festival event is taking place at Trafalgar Square in October, featuring exciting works from acclaimed directors. Film fans can assemble for the Trafalgar Square London Film Festival screening and celebrate a another special year in one of the biggest film events in the world, sponsored by The Times.

For 2008, London Loves, the Trafalgar Square London Film Festival screening event features two nights of free outdoor showings celebrates the capital and its population, whilst reflecting on the filmmaking potential of London in general. You can be sure that something vibrant and unusual will be on the big screens again this October, as High Treason from 1929 will give cinema lovers a chance to witness a futuristic version of the city from 80 years ago on Thursday 23rd October. The film will be accompanied by live incidental music from Neal Brand on the piano.

Added by Craig Grobler on September 21, 2008



hey - nice picture! but the event is actually due to start at 6.30:

Craig Grobler

Thanks IaasB, updated.