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Beyond UFOs: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life and its Astonishing Implications for Our Future by Jeffrey Bennett

Is there really life beyond Earth? Astronomer and author Jeffrey Bennett will talk about why this question has become a hot topic of scientific research, and discuss how scientists are searching both for microbial life and extraterrestrial intelligence. Along the way, we'll also see why the possibility of life beyond Earth has profound implications to the future of our species, even in the unlikely event that we are alone in the universe. Children are welcome; those over about age 10 should be able to understand most of the talk, and younger children will still enjoy the pictures. Note: This talk is based on Dr. Bennett's new book Beyond UFOs (Princeton University Press, 2008); he is also the author of Life in the Universe, the leading college textbook in the field of astrobiology.

April 16, 2008 - 7:30 p.m. - Eames Theater at Pacific Science Center
Admission $5; Pacific Science Center members, Town Hall Members and students with ID are free.

Official Website: http://www.pacsci.org

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