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There may never have been a better time, or a greater need, for profound innovation. And we want you to present your ideas about how we got here and how we might progress.

During and after the economic downturn, innovation and transformational change will be more important than ever. The sooner far sighted strategies are developed and implemented by government, business and other agencies the better life will be for ordinary people – in the UK and beyond.

At this Innovation Forum we will ask some profound questions: about the roots of the crisis, the need for ambition, the role of (and barriers to) innovation, the role of the network, and the potential of new areas of thinking. And we want your responses to these questions: responses that are big, bold, original and thought provoking.

[Image courtesy of Herve Boinay http://www.flickr.com/photos/hboinay/]

Official Website: http://innovationforum.spy.co.uk/BeyondCrisis/

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