Come meet the PR brain behind Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Dell and!

From Wall Street Journal to TechCrunch, OutcastPR push their client beyond PR 101 every single day. With Margit?s leadership, her company combines talent tenacity, imagination, and humor with relentless desire that help their clients to be different. OutCastPR have no patience for cookie-cutter PR, their clients (Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Dell and deserve better and they know it.

You will not want to miss this opportunity to learn from PR Expert - Margit Wennmachers. It?s time to tell the world about your uniqueness and rise above the noise!

P.S. Margit?s company is also the brainchild behind the San Francisco CEO Dinner from 2002 ? 2007.

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Who is Margit?
OutCast co-founder Margit Wennmachers has set the standard for excellence, integrity and results throughout the agency, while establishing herself as one of the foremost PR practitioners in the industry today.

Margit's unique ability to balance efficiency with creativity, process with imagination, and aggressiveness with balance, imbues OutCast with a communication style that stands out from the pack. Her expertise spans enterprise software and hardware, internet and consumer technology, browsers, email and communications, and more. Margit has championed PR programs for large and small clients, including corporate and product positioning, launches, crisis and issues management, executive visibility, M&A, to name a few.

Margit is fluent in English, German, Spanish and French.

Added by Ned King on April 30, 2008