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Chances are, you’ve heard or read the terms social media, web 2.0 or consumer generated content at some point this week. Maybe you’ve already heard them too many times to count and still aren’t exactly sure what they mean and why you should care.

Social media is all around us. It’s all that’s new, and all that’s fundamental to marketing at the same time. Social media, like marketing is about people and their impact on your brand and your impact on their lives.

You know it when you see it, yet it’s a stretch to think how you might leverage social media in your organization. This first-ever Hot Topic on Social Media is just the place to learn the what, why and how of Social Media and how your organization can benefit from the latest marketing tools and techniques.

The AMA Social Media Hot Topic departs from similar events in that we’ll do a series of ‘Marketing Makeovers” for participating organizations, ensuring that you’ll not only get a few new ideas and a lot of great information, but you’ll be able to see precisely how Social Media can be leveraged in a practical highly successful ways.

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