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What will public media look like in the future? How can broadcasters
utilize the explosion of new participatory media technologies?
Established broadcasters have great expertise in producing inspiring,
educational, and entertaining programming - programming that is created
by few and distributed to many. New media technologies are providing
opportunities for personal and collaborative production. Any individual
can be a producer ? and find many outlets to distribute ? yet few have
the brand or trust that public and community broadcasters do. Since
public broadcasting?s mandate is to serve the public interest ? there is
a wonderful conceptual connection between participatory opportunities in
new media and public broadcasters. But how would it look? How would it

Come join the Berkman Center on May 12-13 for *Beyond Broadcast:
Reinventing Public Media in a Participatory Culture.* Topics to be
discussed on day one include: what is developing in this space; what
broadcasters and emerging web-based participatory services are doing;
law and policy; and the sustainability and organization of communities
online. Day two of the conference is the second meeting of the Open
Media Developers Summit and will focus on implementing the technologies
and processes discussed on day one. Rather than a traditional meeting
with panels and speakers, this day is about getting a group of smart
people with diverse view points to work on these issues.

Check out the website, register for the conference, and comment on our
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Official Website: http://www.beyondbroadcast.net/blog/

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