13 Magazine St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

Come help us celebrate one year of operation at BetaHouse with good peeps, good music, good food and plenty of booze.

Added by jonpierce on March 21, 2008



I signed up for both parties. Don't count me twice!


Boo. Wish I could come, but a friend's coming into town. Hopefully I'll be less lame next time.


Will there be any rocking out? I hear some guitar calling my name...


Awww. Little Betahouse is growing up. /me ruffles BetaHouse's hair and pulls a quarter out from behind its ear.

Alas, I'll still be in SF tomorrow. Have fun.


Somewhat unexpectedly, I'll actually be around for this--thanks for the invite, Brian! And Bill Kirtley is in on this...wotta small world!

Wayne Tackabury (waytac)


Wayne, it will be awesome to see you!