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So often, we focus our efforts on improving coding. Yet much of your team's time is spent on tasks beyond the code... project management, technical documentation, passing on tribal knowledege. All that time could be spent building software instead.

David Weekly, the founder of PBwiki, will discuss how his team of five engineers has used its own product (and others such as Unfuddle) to minimize non-coding time and maximize productivity. It's this kind of focus and technique that's allowed PBwiki's team to code rings around competitors.

David will describe how PBwiki does project management, uses wikis to provide customer-facing documentation, and records all the organizational know-how in a single, searchable place.

David Weekly

David has been programming since he was five and has coded for MIT, Harvard, Stanford, There.com, atWeb, and Legato. David wrote the first layman's description of MP3 in early 1997 and graduated in 2000 with a BS in Computer Science from Stanford, where he was a President Scholar and a finalist in the ACM International Programming Competition.

David started the company that became PBwiki in 2003.

He likes to throw hacker parties, fly helicopters, ride his motorcycle, and make useful things.

$10. Pre-register until morning of the event. No charge if you're a paid-up eBig member.

Official Website: http://www.ebig.org

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