Folsom Street and Bernal Heights Boulevard
San Francisco, California 94110

The first screening of the season

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Bernal Heights Park - Folsom Street and Bernal Heights
Boulevard (on the north slope of the Hill)

Meet the Filmmakers at The Liberty Cafe, 410 Cortland Avenue, 5:30-6:30pm

N JUDAH 5:30 (TRT 7:00) Documentary filmmaker, Sam Green’s meditation on the N Judah line at 5:30pm on a winter’s evening.

I USED TO BE A FILMMAKER (TRT 10:00) Jay Rosenblatt, filmmaker dad, finds himself “producing” another type of work. A humorous and tongue in cheek look at the changes wrought in the new dad’s life by the introduction of a new cast member in his life.

AN INVITATION TO POETRY: Poem (Lana Turner has collapsed) by Frank O’Hara (TRT 4:00) As glassworks artist Richard Samuel reads this piece of poetry, Emiko Omori, captures the beauty of the reader’s art and the poem on film.

LET’S COLLABORATE (TRT 5:00) Christa Conforti’s stop-motion animated story of what happens when two monkeys try to work together on a project.

RIZZOLI: Yield to Total Elation (TRT 10:00) An affectionate portrait by Bernal residents Sharon Wood and Pat Ferrero of Achilles (A.G.) Rizzoli, by day a draftsman, by night a designer of fantastical, and highly detailed architectural renderings, in grand Beaux Arts style. Many of his building designs were symbolic representations of his family. Rizzoli lived for many years until his death in 1958 on Alabama Street on Bernal Hill, where he installed an exposition of his designs called Y.T.T.E. for " Yield To Total Elation."

SING ALONG SAN FRANCISCO (TRT: 5:00) Clear your throats and follow the bouncing ball as Georgina Corzine, director, and Jenni Olson and Scott Noble co-producers take you on a tour of vintage SanFrancisco accompanied by Jeannette McDonald's rendition of "San Francisco.' Feel free to sing along!

I KNOW I’M NOT ALONE: A Musician’s Journey Through War in the Middle East (TRT 70:00) Michael Franti, musician activist, lead of Spearhead and first time filmmaker, traveled to Iraq, Israel and Palestine in 2004 shortly after the fall of Baghdad to see for himself the effect of the war on Iraqi civilians and culture and on the troops sent there to carry out US policy. By extension, he then proceeds to Palestine and Israel to observe the potential long-term effects of occupation on both the occupied and the occupier.

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