2286 Cedar St.
Berkeley, California 94709

Bloggers and podcasters are suspicious of "elitist" big media and view the "democratizing" force of digital technology positively. In contrast, many traditional journalists regard most blogs, wikis and podcasts as amateurish and narcissistic. A cybersalon panel of experts takes a critical look at the concepts of expertise and elitism in the dynamic Web 2.0 world. We wonder if expertise is, by definition, elitist. And we ask if expertise and elitism might indeed be necessary features of a high quality media.

Addressing these issues:

Moderator: Andrew Keen,
Jory des Jardins,
Lisa Stone,
John Markoff,
Steve Gillmor,
Josh Greenbaum.

Everyone is welcome, and the Hillside Club is wheelchair accessible.

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Added by andrewkeen on March 9, 2006



I think you mean Jory des Jardins, yes?


wow, big crowd, lots of folks I haven't seen in a long time!