2286 Cedar St.
Berkeley, California 94709

All too often, today's copyright law fails to serve the public interest. In this discussion, Rick Falkvinge of the Swedish Pirate Party joins us to examine some new approaches to copyright, challenging some of the fundamental (and unexamined) assumptions about "intellectual property." We'll look at how both creativity and civil liberties are often stymied by the current system, and highlight some genuinely new proposals for change.

- Rick Falkinge, Pirate Party, Sweden
- Karl Fogel, QuestionCopyright.org
- Brad Templeton, Electronic Frontier Foundation
- Tony Falzone, Fair Use Project, Center for Internet and Society, Stanford Law School
- Mary Hodder, Dabble
- Moderator: Jeff Ubois, digital archivist

$10 at the door gets you pizza, drinks, and food for thought (and action).

Official Website: http://www.hillsideclub.org/

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