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Sunday January 24, 2010 - Bent Expressions - An evening of Poetry and Spoken Word @ The Press Club. A Queer West Arts Collective presentation. We nine well known Spoken Word Artists to entertain you tonight. Regulars at Toronto poetry slams and other queer solo events.

Phlip Arima, Parul Pandya, Nicki Ward, Philip Cairns, Kirk DeMatas, Yehuda Fisher, Jay Stewart, David Bateman and Duncan Armstrong are confirmed for the spoken word and poetry event on January 24.

Event Organized by Michael F. Paré and Philip Cairns.

Spoken word poet Phlip Arima, Toronto Ontario.

Phlip Arima is a poet and phenomenal performer. Born and raised in Toronto, he has three books of poetry and one book of short fiction to his credit. His poetry videos have air on Bravo and he has collaborated with fine artists, photographers and dancers. He is known as a dark romantic and his work is gritty, urban, and socio-political. With astounding images and rhythms, Phlip’s poetry resonates as strongly on the page as it does from the stage. For both audio and text samples of his work please visit http://www.phliparima.com

Spoken word poet Philip Cairns, Toronto Ontario.

Philip Cairns - . Writes plays, performance-pieces, short stories and poetry. He has performed his own work in festivals, cafes and theatres all over Toronto. Philip has performed his writing at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, A Space, Free Times Cafe, Clinton’s, The Black Swan, Renaissance Cafe, The Theatre Centre and Paddy’s Playhouse. He has acted in scores of small theatre productions and numerous independent films. He is also a visual artist having recently had a one-man exhibition at Artcetera Gallery in Toronto plus numerous other solo and group shows in Toronto and Edmonton. Who recently stared in, Sex, Relationships and Sometimes...Love at the Poor Alex Theatre Website: http://www.myspace.com/philipcairns

Spoken word poet David Bateman, Toronto Ontario.

David Bateman is an actor, a spoken word poet, and performance artist presently based in Toronto. His most recent performances, A Brief History of White Virgins or The Night Freddy Mercury Kissed Me, and What’s It Like? were presented in Vancouver, Peterborough, Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto during the winter of 2009. He has presented his work across the country over the past twenty years and also teaches drama, literature, and creative writing at a variety of Canadian post-secondary institutions. He has a PhD from the English Department (Creative Writing specialization) at the University of Calgary. His poetry has been published by Frontenac House Press (Calgary), and his performance work has been published by Blizzard Press (Toronto), Ordinary Press (Peterborough), and finewords chapbooks (Victoria).

Spoken word poet Duncan Armtstrong, Toronto Ontario.

Duncan Armstrong is a poet, short-story writer. From 1991 to 1999 Duncan was the force behind Bushwack Theatre. When it folded in 2000 he wrote a huge novel - in 2002 - jumped back into the poetry/spoken word scene - he’s had work published in CV2, Labor of Love, Renaissance Conspiracy anthologies, been featured on HOWL, and hit stages all over the city from former Cafe May in the Queer West Village to the Renaissance Cafe in the east end of the city. He was featured in shows at The Black Swan, Cryptic Chatter at Renaissance Cafe, open stages at Word Jam, Dimentia 5, Diamond Cherry, Poetic Justice, Plasticine Words; hosted the Coffeehouse Cabaret, workshopped fiction with Rosemary Aubert, & Caro Soles; in 2009 featured at Pride, Word on the Street, Coffeehouse at TKO's & The Art Bar. Website: http://duncanarmstrong.coffeehouse.caTo watch Duncan perform his poetry: http://www.youtube.com/user/TOpoet

Spoken word poet Kirk DeMatas, Toronto Ontario.

Kirk DeMatas is a poet, dancer and actor currently living in the west end of Toronto. Though much of his early years were spent dancing and appearing in various stage productions, including a role as Chino in West Side Story, Kirk has spent many nights quietly curling up with his pen and paper – writing poetry. In 2007, Kirk publically debuted his poetry in front of a packed house at Trane Studio Jazz Lounge and has since performed at the lounge with music artists such as Ottawa’s Mellow Dee and Toronto’s own soulful flautist Jef Kearns. In March 2008, after many emotionally exhausting nights, Kirk’s first book of poetry entitled “Wordspeak” was published. Tackling topics from slavery, racism and homophobia, to sex and the undefined spirituality within, this first book served as an introduction to Kirk, the poet. In the midst of promoting his first book, all plans were placed on hold as he began work on his second book (affectionately known as “CWS”). He has spent much of 2009 confronting and slaying his own demons for this book in hopes of meeting a mid-2010 publication deadline. Other plans for 2010 include an appearance in a dance film (short), an E.P., and more work on stage and film. http://www.myspace.com/kirkdematas

Spoken word poet Jay Stewart, Toronto Ontario.

Jay Stewart is a spoken word agent provocateur who describes himself as 'deaf, bi, and sick.' He takes serious issues and turns them into controversial & hilarious pieces of art (i.e. Don't Hate, Just Masturbate & Shoot a Load, Not Yourself). Jay was part of the 1st annual Young Creator's Unit at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre for creator/performers under the age of 25. There, he created 'Ticked '07!' - a multi-character one person show focusing on the issue of hate crimes. Jay has performed and MC-ed at a variety of events including: Toronto's AIDS Conference, Goodhandy's, Writing Outside the Margins, Fruit Loopz at Pride, Queer Cab, and the Inside Out Film Festival. Recently, his company produced 'Hard & Able', a one-night-only cabaret, that featured exclusively artists that identified as queer & disabled. http://ajaystewartproject.com

Spoken word poetess Parul Pandya, Toronto Ontario.

Parul Pandya was born in the UK and moved to the Toronto area at the age of six. From an early age, it became abundantly clear what the two things she was passionate about were: talking and music. Raised within a Hindu tradition, she learned the importance of diversity and the appreciation of different cultures at a young age. This led her to study Renaissance Studies (with a special interest in the Italian Renaissance), History and Sexual Diversity at the University of Toronto. Her passion for art, history and culture is now being channelled through writing poignant and personal observations about love, life, sex, sexuality, society and popular culture. She writes an eclectic and insightful blog, The House of Provocation and appears regularly in Xtra: Toronto's Lesbian and Gay Bi-weekly. Her other adventures include continuing reviews for the Toronto International Film Festival and speaking frequently on South Asian queer heritage. Currently her creative ambition is also revealing face as an arts programmer at Harbourfront Centre. http://house-of-provocation.blogspot.com

Spoken word poet Yehuda Fisher, Toronto Ontario.

Yehuda Fisher - a.k.a. PAN, is a poet, actor and musician who lives in Toronto with computers, quills, books and a dozen instruments... almost. He's been in the Toronto arts scene for years, both entertaining and terrorizing audiences around the city - depending on who you ask. Formerly he hosted and produced Art Attack, a weekly arts and entertainment magazine show for CHRY 105.5 FM and now hosts the very successful series WordJam: Poetry/Music Fusion Playtime. He served as Asst. Artistic Director for the 2009 Rustbelt Slam in Toronto and is the Slam-Master/Artistic Director of BAM! the Toronto Youth Slam. He has enjoyed much success touring and competing in poetry slams through Canada and the U.S. He helped represent Toronto in 2008 at the Rustbelt Regional Poetry Slam (coaching the 2009 team) and in 2009 at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word and at the QEW Regional Slam. Yehuda/PAN is currently a member of the Slam Fam Poetry Collective and the Toronto Poetry Project, a group focused on nurturing and promoting the spoken word scene in Toronto through events, slams and workshops. His poetry has been published and he has one chapbook - Pen to Paper, and one Poetry CD - Mouth To Mic. http://www.yehudafisher.com

Spoken word poetess Nichola Ward, Toronto Ontario.

Nichola Ward Nichola (Nicki) Ward was born in London and lives in Toronto, Canada where she is a writer and performer.She is the founder of the publishing and performance group Ground Queero and a long term member of the respected LGBT writer's group "OUTwrites" She is the author of "Little Sarah - Wordkeeper", "Babylon Alley - A Play for Voices" and has recently completed the anthology "Found Album": More information can be found http://nicholaward.com or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nichola-Ward/107612480634

The Details: Host & MC for the evening Toronto poet and actor Philip Cairns. Who recently stared in, Sex, Relationships and Sometimes...Love at the Poor Alex Theatre The Press Club, 850 Dundas St. W. Starts at 7:30 PM runs to 10 PM. PWYC with a $5 minimum.. Queer West Village, Toronto Ontario http://www.thepressclub.ca

Official Website: http://www.queerwest.org/bentevents.php

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