15 Nassau St
New York City, New York 10014

BENT 2006
The Third Annual Circuit Bending Festival of Music and Art in Downtown Manhattan
April 19-23, 2006
15 Nassau Street, NY, NY 10005
Presented by The Tank in association with Harvestworks

New York, NY -- March 6, 2006 -- BENT 2006: The Third Annual Circuit Bending Festival is a
week of concerts, art installations, and workshops celebrating a most unusual art form. The first
and only festival in the country where one can see a musical instrument built from a singing
teddy bear, this year's event will be held April 19-23, 2006. The festival will bring together
musicians, performers, and visual artists from around the world who not only push the circuit
bending genre forward but are on the cutting edge of the contemporary music scene. In addition
to evening concerts, novices and experienced benders of all ages can participate in workshops
led by the best in the business during the day.
?The pleasure for performer and fan alike comes from the textures of the noise, the idea of it as a
landscape that has never been experienced before. It's all about sonic novelty.? ? David Segal,
Washington Post review of Bent 2005
?In a society that is increasingly focused on sophisticated technology, it is amazingly satisfying to
get the general public ripping apart circuit boards and showing them how much fun they can
have with just the smallest bit of know-how?. Daniel Greenfeld, festival co-curator
A direct result of experimentation and play, circuit bending requires very little technical know-how
to get started, giving everyone the opportunity to experience making electronic music. Benders
take an average children?s toy - a singing teddy bear, a speak-n-spell - and rip apart the insides
to make bizarre looking and wonderful sounding musical instruments. There will be hundreds of
broken toys strewn about the space with dozens of skilled artists from around the world busily
creating a cacophony of sounds and a colorful collage of mess. There will be remote-controlled
robot monkeys, interactive toy installations, speakers wired up around the room connected to
blipping and bleeping toys... It will be a delight for the eyes and ears.
See the website at www.bentfestival.org for a complete schedule of events.

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