22 High Holborn
London, England

Come, all and sundry, for an event of such magnitude it had to be planned twice. This time, it's really going to happen.

Ben is leaving the country, heading off for a bit of an adventure, eight hours in the past.

Come partake in this two day celebration of existence, relish the contribution made to your lives, indulge in this departure, or just enjoy the fact you won't be getting pushed into another one of these events promoted by overly elaborate invitational text ever again… at least until a future return to England.

This is a two day celebration:

On Saturday 26th, meet at a pub in central London from 2pm onwards. Have some lunch, share some beers, enjoy the sunshine*, have some dinner… it's not a hectic schedule. Later on, we might go find a club somewhere. Or we'll just go home, cram as many people into our living room as the foundations will allow, and play Mario Kart, Bomberman and Worms until morning light.

On Sunday 27th, meet at The Dove on Broadway Market, near London Fields and do pretty much the same thing, but in a more relaxed, wind down, way.

Sign up to this event for the Saturday, and if you've got an estimate of what time you'll be in London, leave a comment. I'll get tables/rooms reserved if we need them.

* Sunshine™ is a service provided by a third party, and cannot be guaranteed at any Ben Ward-releated event.

Official Website: http://ben-ward.co.uk/journal/leaving-party/

Added by BenWard on July 13, 2008



Bugger. This clashes with a Salter Cane gig in Brighton:


I really can't decide which of the above is the more transparent advert!


That's only because you've known adactio for a while.