7000 Arundel Mills Circle
Hanover, Maryland


Castle Bennett once a mighty symbol of the power of the Bennett Royal Family, has now been reduced to complete and utter dispair and ruin. From the deepest pits and darkest corners of the underworld the most insidious and evil creatures reside within the castle. Among the most feared are those of the Royal Order of Vampyric Knights who lead their legions of undead warriors against all who oppose them.

In the next chapter, the evolving tale of the demise of Castle Bennett now known as the House of the Vampyres becomes more shocking and more horrible than ever. It is a place where few sane men have ventured, and fewer yet have returned. But rumors of newly discovered corridors in the castle exist, tales of the dark dungeons, and rooms filled with instruments of torture and death. Still, others tell of rooms filled with the corpses of the castles former inhabitants, strange new creatures and even a vortex that connects to the dark underworld itself. To enter the castle, you must be granted entrance to pass under the huge Angel of Death. Those few fortunate enough to escape the undead creature inside, will come face to face with a giant flying Dragon ready to feed upon his next victims! This will be the scariest and most intense House of the Vampyres show yet, you've been warned!!!

The "Sanctuary of Insanity" will feature the "Dominion of Darkness" again and will be joined as one seamless and continuous show. It will combine a mind blowing maze and illusions which will then take you on a psychological trip through a nightmarish sanctuary of rampaging psychopaths!

Are you afraid of the Dark? Frightened thrill seekers will make their way through an Dominion of Darkness inflatable labyrinth of pitch black hallways, all while being tormented and terrorized by the now famous Bennett's Curse creatures. Can you find your way through a labyrinth of total darkness? You will never see what lurks before you and follows you through. Guests will enter into Maryland & DC's safest and most frightening dark themed adventure.

Official Website: http://www.bennettscurse.com/

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