1727 Haight Street
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94117

From small-town America to the White House, Maxed Out reveals how the modern financial industry really works: how so-called “sub-prime” borrowers — a euphemism for the broke and bankrupt — are now the banks' “preferred customers”, why banks actually want you to make late payments, and why Americans are now going broke at a faster rate than during the Great Depression.

The film also looks at the personal information business, in which 90 percent of all credit reports have errors in them, but the credit companies don't bother to correct them, because negative reports mean higher individual interest rates — and industry profits.

And they don’t just prey on adults: In an echo of the current student loan scandal, Maxed Out exposes how banks pay millions of dollars to access to students' personal information, then entice teenagers into life-long debt servitude and financial subsistence.

There are two shows on each night — one at 7:15 and one at 9:30 — which will be followed by a Q & A session with credit experts/activists. Tickets benefitting the 2007 Anti-Corporate Film Festival, Oct. 19-21 in San Francisco, are $10 and are available online at http://virtuous.com/events/countercorp/.

For more information about the screenings (including a trailer of the film), CounterCorp, or the 2007 Anti-Corporate Film Festival, visit the CounterCorp website at http://www.countercorp.org.

Official Website: http://www.countercorp.org

Added by CounterCorp on May 2, 2007