950 Geary St
San Francisco, California 94109

**MANDRAKE- Rockin' with the Oakland IRC drummer Owen Williams. Check it out here

**SILK TRADE- Indie electro with some hot water music worked in there, and theyve recorded new stuff just for you! listen here

**LOVELIKEFIRE- I'd describe it as a My Bloody Valentine mood, meets a Radiohead buzz, meets The Faint/The Knife energy... you should really just listen to it yourself here

**RESCUE ME- Featuring the lovely Chris Malta (I mean Lyon) from Time in Malta, the other Chrises and Zach. They've got a new wave Joy Divion/Interpoly thing going on. Check out their myspace and sweet tunes here


Small ($5) entrance fee goes to the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Founded by Einstein in 1933 and currently co-chaired by Tom Brokaw, the IRC is one of the most reputable non-profits and distinguished humanitarian organizations in the world. Since 1975, the Bay Area offices have helped more than 27,000 asylees and refugees from 50+ countries to find jobs, education, homes, and secure and stable futures. The IRC is dedicated to providing basic human rights to people facing unthinkable crisis around the world. I can't think of any other organization more worthy of our help. Visit their main website or the SF resettlement website to learn more!

You're $5 contribution will make a difference in someone's life.
Out of every $1, 92 cents goes directly to programs and services that DIRECTLY benefit refugee's lives. Money Magazine, U.S. News Magazine, and Forbes have all put IRC on the top of their list of the best charities to invest in. If you can't make it, but still feel like supporting, please let me know!

In the making: shirts and a short little speech by one of the assisted refugees and also Owen, the IRC Oakland chief caseworker, so you know where your bucks are going!

And... wait for it...a sweet little raffle: movies and t-shirts

Expect crazy fun similar to 2005's benefit!
Last year, everyone's $5 donation helped raise $2,545 for UNICEF and Red Cross in order to provide clean water, electricity, food, and shelter to the victims of the May 27, 2006 earthquake, which killed 6,200 Javanese and left approximately 650,000 dislocated or homeless.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/rescuemesf

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