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There is no corporate health plan for musicians. If you are lucky
enough to be employed as a musician, you don’t expect much in the way of insurance. So, when catastrophe strikes – and disaster plays no favorites – you’re going to need a little help from your friends.
When you can’t gig, you can’t eat.

Kurt Ribak is predominantly – but not exclusively – a jazz bassist who
can be found playing with Bay Area musicians like Maurice Tani (77 El
Deora) and Jinx Jones, or with his own Kurt Ribak trio. Kurt was
recently injured in a serious car accident and now has severe injuries
to his left arm and hand -- and hospital bills. Worse: he’s a
musician with hand injuries, making work – and life – difficult.

Kurt’s friends are getting together for a benefit concert on July 29
at San Francisco’s Riptide to help Kurt in his time of need. Those
expected to appear include Maurice Tani, Jinx Jones, Les James (Red
Meat), Mike Anderson (77 El Deora/Tiny Television etc.), the Sunset’s
own Sheilani Alix, Tony Marcus, David Phillips and many more. Please come, donate money to Kurt’s cause, do what you can. You’ve had a lot of good times courtesy of Kurt and those who are playing on July 29, and it’s time to give back.

The Riptide is at 47th and Taraval in San Francisco. Showtime is 7:30
pm. You can donate directly to Kurt at PO box 8045, Berkeley, CA
94707-8045 or make a paypal donation to [email protected], or use the
donate button at http:www.ribak.com

Official Website: http://www.riptidesfc.om

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