31 Gresse Street, Fitzrovia
London, England W1T 1QS

And so it was that the whines of Those Left Behind travelled across the sea, stopped off in Mexico for the lols, and arrived in San Francisco too late to be invited to the real Ben XXV event.

Ben saw that there was upset, anguish, that offence had been caused. The seams of society were torn, the Devil's Noise Hole had opened and the fate of Albion hung in the balance.

Only their belief in what was happening elsewhere could save them, and so, a party was held. Was it not The Unicorns who sang ‘I could of sworn you believed in me. Then how come all the other Unicorns are dead?’. It was. It's a great record. You should play it.

So, though far away, through your belief in celebrating Ben's birthday, you can Shut Steve Marshall's Face.

Ben will not be there. But you could be. You could just go for a drink for some other reason, I don't care. The most important thing is: Steve, the weather is beautiful in San Francisco; stop whinging.

Official Website: http://ben-ward.co.uk

Added by BenWard on February 7, 2009