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Say you're a gifted young artist -- someone like BEN TAYLOR, for instance. You've written a pile of great songs. You've got a way with melody and a mastery of the understated lyric. You've got a voice that lingers in the air -- tuneful, expressive, the kind of voice that makes its impact with the smallest turn of a whispered phrase. Under normal circumstances, you've got all it takes to make an impression. Some might say you're even a candidate for stardom. But Ben’s circumstance is far from normal. His parents -- father James Taylor, mother Carly Simon -- are giants of popular music. And with that lineage come the expectations that make Another Run Around The Sun a milestone as well as a masterwork. Listening to his album is like slipping into a brand new shirt that feels as comfortable as one you've worn with pleasure before. As you button up and shrug it into place, though, you notice the differences. That combination of the familiar with the new is the key to appreciating Ben Taylor. SONYA KITCHELL is an eloquent songwriter, dazzling singer and old soul who just happens to be 17 years of age. Her debut album, Words Came Back to Me is an understated, largely acoustic affair, seamlessly melding elements of jazz, R&B, folk and other roots forms in a song-serving way. There is undeniable warmth and wholesomeness to Kitchell's dusky alto; From song to song, she manifests a warmth reminiscent of Carole King, the gossamer touch of Joni Mitchell, the soulfulness of Van Morrison, the yearning of Al Green and the structural sophistication of Burt Bacharach, and yet the sound is all her own, unadorned, authentic and from the heart.

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