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Even before the release of the highly successful ColdFusion MX 7 two years ago, the ColdFusion team was already hard at work scheming, experimenting, planning, building, creating ... and the result is "Scorpio", the highly anticipated 8th major ColdFusion edition. Building on top of the powerful platform introduced in ColdFusion MX, and the solid feature set of ColdFusion MX 7, "Scorpio" piles on new features and technologies for developers, administrators, technical decision makers, and more. The official "Scorpio" release is scheduled for mid-2007, but you don't have to wait until then to see it for yourself. Ben Forta will be demoing lots of Scorpio throughout an extended user group tour in the spring, where attendees will get to see "Scorpio" in action, as well as gain access to the pre-release beta, and get the chance to win Adobe software. And since our user group is part of the Scorpio tour, plan on coming out for this special meeting!!

Official Website: http://www.colderfusion.com/rsvp_forta.cfm

Added by tpullis on March 26, 2007