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The Beijing Wushu Team is coming to the bay area! What is "wushu", you ask? For those of you who've ever watched a kung fu movie, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or Shaolin Soccer, or seen a Jet Li or Jackie Chan film--the dynamic martial arts you're seeing is actually "wushu". Weapons, swords, spears, high-flying feats--they can do it for real.

The Beijing Wushu Team is the most renowned team in China, where wushu is a national and professional sport. Their visit to the US is a rare occurrence (the last time was 5 years ago), so I definitely encourage you to see them in this once-in-a-lifetime event. They'll be performing at the Berkeley Zellerback Auditorium (Wed Nov. 16) and the Cupertino Flint Center (Fri/Sun, Nov 18/20).

For more info, read on below! Here's the links you need:

Tour website:

What does wushu look like? Check out this promotional Video:

Ticketing Information:
(Berkeley Zellerback Auditorium)
(Cupertino Flint Center )

~ Tiff
(an avid wushu enthusiast & member of the 2005 United States Wushu Team)

Beijing Wushu Team Tour - November 2005

I am proud to announce that the Beijing Wushu Team will be coming to
the Bay Area as part of their national tour. The first question that
might come to mind would be, "What is Wushu exactly?" Wushu literally
means "martial art," and is derived from various styles from all
regions of China, utilizing a myriad of weapons as well as unique
empty hand techniques. It is also the national sport of China, and
there are hopes for the introduction of Wushu as an Olympic sport in
the upcoming 2008 Games held in Beijing.

Recently, Wushu has gained notoriety through movies showcasing international stars such as Jet Li, rapidly growing into a martial sport that emphasizes aestheticism as well as athleticism. Don't be deceived by the aesthetic nature of Wushu, however. It is quite unlike anything seen before, marked by explosive movements and extreme athletic ability that is a near perfect blend of form and function.

The Beijing Wushu Team is world renowned as the pinnacle
of Wushu today. The tour showcases a mix of veteran athletes and
rising stars demonstrating their very best routines. Fast paced and
intricate, the show appeals to just about everyone. It is truly a
spectacle to behold first hand. The help of your publication in
promoting this tour will greatly benefit the community, providing a
rare opportunity for the public to view a show of this caliber in the
US as well as promoting cultural awareness. For more information about
the tour, please visit the following links:

Tour website:

Promotional Video:

Ticketing Information:
(Berkeley Zellerback Auditorium)
(Cupertino Flint Center )

Please contact James Yang at [email protected] for any
further inquiries.

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