Unit 33, The Trocadero
London, England W1D 7DH

In the old days, the developers made it work and then the designers made it pretty, but that’s no longer quite what happens.
So how can developers and designers at digital and creative agencies work best in this new world?

Come and enjoy a beer with luminaries from both sides of the fence and help us thrash out the best solutions.

The Panel:

Frank Boyd (Chair)

Frank has worked on a series of innovative programmes to support creative, social and economic development in the UK’s new media sector since founding the Arts Technology Centre (Artec) in 1989. He established the European Multimedia Labs, the Digital Media Alliance and BAFTA’s Interactive Entertainment Awards before joining the BBC Innovation and Learning team as Director of Creative Development in 2000. He has designed and directed the BBC Innovation Labs since 2005 and leads the mentoring teams there.

Martina Schell

Martina has 9 years’ experience in user-centred interaction design, with a background in brand development. Her areas of expertise include e-commerce, internationalisation and web to mobile interaction. She joined Flow from Yahoo! Mobile and has previously worked with clients including Amazon, FIFA, Mercedes-Benz, Motorola, Pepsi and Play.com. Martina is studying for an MA in Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins.

Mark Stringer

Mark is co-founder of Agile Lab, a training and consultancy organisation that helps businesses and organisations to apply processes that are proven to deliver innovation. He is passionate about the new ways of communicating and working together that Agile allows. Previously, he has worked for IBM, Xerox, Cambridge University and Soda Creative.

Christian Heilmann

Christian was born in Germany and started as a "Web Designer" around 1997. Since then he’s worked around the globe with several agencies, dotcoms and currently works for Yahoo! as a frontend architect, trainer and general the guy to go to when it comes to making developers happy and communicate across departments. He’s written several books on accessibility and JavaScript and blogs at http://wait-till-i.com.

Price: £25

Booking: At present, bookings must be made via email to [email protected], who will contact you for further details, or by phone to +44 (0)20 7915 5412 during office hours. Only credit cards can be accepted for payment.

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Thanks for putting on the event.

I can't help feeling though that we didn't fully tackle the issue of how designers can work best with developers. (There was a lot of discussion about Agile and UCD.) Am I alone in thinking this? Sorry to start on a downer - but I am actually very interested in this. I currently run a pure design team and I'm trying to integrate my designers into an Agile web development process (using Scrum). And it's tricky.


Fair comment, TwoSheds - I think maybe we tried to put too much into the session and while the Agile/UCD stuff maybe 'sexy', there may be more fundamental issues at stake.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it anyway and this means there's plenty of room for further sessions on these topics.