419 Occidental Ave, Suite 609,
Seattle, Washington 98104

An hour'ish talk at Feedjit's offices in Occidental Ave, Seattle on Javascript Widget design, virality, scaling, strategy and more. We've limited this to 30 people and will provide beer, soda and snacks. WiFi will be available and if we have demo machines they will be accessible via the wifi so you're welcome to bring your laptops.

This talk will be technical and you'll get the most out of it if you have a solid Javascript and DOM understanding. We will delve into some JS code and may look at webserver configs, OS performance, perl code etc. Some of the focus will be on scaling widgets and the operational needs of a widget business.

If there's interest we will congregate at the pub downstairs afterwards.

Added by markmaunder on February 15, 2008




This event has been canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. If you would like confirmation of this please contact Mark Maunder via email at mark at feedjit.com or on 206-6978723. The account that created this event is inaccessible so we can't cancel it ourselves.