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Unless you're living off the grid in some shack nestled deep in the lush Oregon forest, you already know that Oregon is still 2nd in the nation for unemployment numbers with more than 12% of our friends, neighbors and family pounding the proverbial pavement looking for a job.

If you're a hermit, I applaud your good taste in blogs despite your Internet connection challenge. If you're unemployed, or know someone who is, I invite you down to the Green Dragon to find out how to transition into not only a career, but one you actually like.

Interested? Join us at 4pm on Friday in the patio for Beer and Doggie's feature presentation: Career Transition!

Whether you find yourself unemployed, underemployed, or unhappily employed, it's all for the dogs. We think you can do better. We think it's entirely possible for you to not only secure a steady paycheck, but land that job you lust for, even in "this economy".

Career coach and strategist Brian Kurth of Career Transitions will explain how to use his straightforward 8-Steps of a Successful Career Transition to not only find a job, but find the job of your dreams. He'll cover defining your ideal job, finding a mentor, and creating an action plan, plus much more.

Bring your well-mannered pooch and listen to Brian extol the virtues of what he calls his "vocationing" process, which has so far helped thousands of people land their dream gig.

Learn how to find work you love, and soon you'll be saying you live a dog's life!

Added by mediaChick on June 15, 2009