928 SE 9th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Once upon a time on the Magic Animal Farm in a sparse corner of Colorado there was a boy who was raised by wolves, who grew up to be an accidental open-source evangelist and now lives in Portland, Oregon. I call him Dante Vatican. (That's his Ron Mexico name. Suiting, isn't it?) Everyone else knows him as that unpronounceable twitter handle @xolotl or the otherwise normal-sounding Nate Angell.

I like ALL of his personalities. =)

Nate has worked with a lot of open source platforms over the years, right now working as Client Evangelist for The rSmart Group, a company that focuses on the education industry. He also has an unhealthy love for Drupal, which is why the story of the boy raised by wolves now concerns you, my fellow Beer and Bloggies.

This Friday, starting at 4pm at the Green Dragon, Nate will be extolling the virtues of Drupal. I like to call it Drupal Magic Animal Farm because it makes me giggle. Specifically (but of course subject to change, such life and underwear) Dante, darnitImean, Nate will be covering:

* Why one might choose Drupal as a blogging platform over other alternatives such as WordPress
* Installing Drupal
* Drupal look and feel using themes
* Using OpenID with Drupal
* Extending Drupal to add additional functionality to your blog, including
o Aggregating content from other sources such as feeds
o Custom content types and views in Drupal

Wow! That's a lot of Drupal knowledge to dispense!

If you can't make the Drupal Magic Animal Farm, that's okay. All your friends will be along shortly. The beer will flow, the laughter will bubble, and maybe you'll have some conversations about blogging.

Added by mediaChick on February 17, 2009