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Have you signed into a site or made a blog comment yet just by logging in with your Facebook account through Facebook Connect? Sexy and intuitive, isn't it? Makes you wonder why the majority of sites still require you to create clunky usernames and passwords, just for them. Well, with VidoopConnect, we make any site's login process sexy, and let the users choose how they want to sign in. Like to use your email address with Google, Yahoo!, AOL, or ANY old email address? Cool. Prefer to use your Facebook or MySpace account? Go for it. Do you follow the Aaron Hockley method and prefer to only sign up on sites that accept OpenID? Got it covered. Even if you sign in with your Gmail account on one site but decided to use the Facebook signin for another, with our single profile capability, we'll detect that and default the signin method you prefer when you return to any site using VidoopConnect.

For our customers, a better user experience during the registration and login process makes for more registrations and better membership retention rates. We also offer reporting capabilities to sites implementing VidoopConnect so that they can see who their users are, how they're logging in, and can react to their customers' needs better. It's easy to implement and unlike our competitors, we offer a solution based on open rather than proprietary standards.

This has been our top secret baby for a couple of months now, so we're really excited that on Friday at Beer and Blog we'll be able to show the product in action. There will even be a round of drinks on us.

Official Website: http://portland.beerandblog.com/

Added by metafluence on February 11, 2009