928 SE 9th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

THEME - We're going to share some of the secret tricks we use in our blogging.

Come join fellow Portland bloggers for a work session every Friday from 4pm until at least 6pm at the Green Dragon. We help each other work on our blogs. Maybe you need some design help. Maybe you want to power your comments form with OpenID, but don’t know how. Maybe you just need the social space to get off your duff and do the shit you tell everyone you’re going to do. Whatever your story, we’ll be then and there enjoying delicious beers and pounding keys. We’ll be the ones with the extension cord and power strip huddled around a grip of mostly Mac laptops.

Official Website: http://www.beerandblog.com/

Added by metafluence on July 18, 2008



But... but... if I told you then I'd have to kill you!


Love to go, but don't think green dragon is kid-friendly.