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Friends, we have been Beer and Blogging it since the beginning of the year. After almost 8 months, I think we finally have a predictable format. Here's what I'm thinking we'll do:

  • First week - Work Session

  • Second week - Topic

  • Third week - Work Session

  • Fourth week - Field trip

  • Fifth week - Off (only happens in 2 months out of the year)

I'm also planning to get some schwag! Stickers and beer coasters are coming soon. I'll have an official table flag that I'll start bringing to the sessions tomorrow so new people can quickly identify us. I'll also bring some name tags and Sharpies if people would like to put their various online handles on them so people know who you are.

Tomorrow is the first Friday of August, so we'll be doing a work session. Looking forward to seeing everyone! As always, you can RSVP on Upcoming.

Official Website: http://beerandblog.com/

Added by metafluence on July 31, 2008



I'm not sure if it is safe to leave Sharpies out with CamiKaos around....just saying :)


Let's do a field trip to someplace with wireless.


Can't make it this week as I'll be drinking beer and saying goodbye at my company's Friday Faction today. Have fun y'all.

David Kominsky

Interested but looking like I can't make it this week. I'll try again in 2 weeks.


Sorry that I'm not going to be able to make it., this week.